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Paddle Productions are here to assist you at every stage when producing your podcast. We are passionate about what we do and will guarantee every effort will be made to ensure your podcast is polished to the highest standard.  Our clients include individuals and businesses who use our services to help alleviate the work load that can be involved when producing a professional podcast. We are experts in our field and have the skills to record, edit and mix your audio to create an amazing finished product.



Before we start working on a podcast, new or established, we offer a pre production consultation during which we can discuss your podcasts topics, style, technical requirements, broadcast schedule and how you wish to produce your show. At Paddle Productions we will recommend and tailor our services to best suit your needs. We can advise you on your current recording set up and if you need you can hire recording equipment from us, or we are happy to record your podcast for you.

We can advise you on the best equipment to suit your production. Our expert knowledge will answer any questions you may have on your recording set up and techniques.


If you are recording a special podcast or would like the flexibility to change your equipment as your podcast grows, we offer a range of recording kits for short or long term hire.

If you have a special event or wish to record a one off podcast then we offer a location recording service. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


We have over 16 years experience in both pre-recorded and live sound engineering and editing and have all the skills and tools needed to make an amazing sounding podcast. We will carefully listen to every second of your recordings and rectify any inaccuracies, creating a smooth and structured listening experience. We will then asses the quality of all the audio and if needed, apply professional noise reduction and cleaning. Your audio is then engineered and mastered to MP3 format at podcast industry standard levels ( -16 LUFS* ), which will give a consistent, even and pleasing sound throughout



Our many years of experience enable us to expertly edit your show to your specific requirements. We make sure our edits suit your podcasts format whilst removing any unwanted audio to create a naturally flowing podcast.


If at some point during the recording, any unwanted noise or sounds are audible, we have the equipment and skills to reduce and remove the sounds to make your important recordings usable without impairing content.


We will add in your adverts, voice overs, music and any other audio your podcast requires. Your audio will then be engineered using only the best quality EQ, compressors and limiters to industry standard levels



Branding your podcast will help to give it a distinctive and unique identity. Using our experience we will help you to gather the right elements, from voice over artist selection to the most fitting music choice for particular subjects.


Using select voice over artists with royalty free music, we can produce and create the perfect introduction for your podcast.


We can take your choice theme music and create perfectly timed beds and stings to to use throughout your podcast.


We will add any pre recorded sponsor or advertisements to your podcast, ensuring the correct amount of time has been allocated.


Once you have an audibly polished podcast, it is time to reveal the finished product and make it accessible to the world. At this point we are happy to manage your publishing requirements which may involve writing your show notes. We will ensure these meet with your productions’ needs and can include descriptions, timings and links. If you need a host, we can select and set up your hosting and your RSS feed. Once we have the go ahead and you are fully satisfied with your finished product we will upload the podcast, to be released on your specified day.



Our show notes are customised for your podcast.


Paddle Productions can set up and manage your hosting and RSS feeds.


We will upload your finished podcast and schedule for release.

*Audio Engineering Society Recommendation for loudness of audio streaming and network file playback